KS Aiyar & Co. is professionally managed by an Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer with a Managing Partner at the helm of each practice office. These persons are responsible for the Firm’s strategic and operational management.The Firm has a Board of Governors, which includes two independent members and two executive members and takes ultimate responsibility for the governance of the Firm.

KS Aiyar & Co. uses the latest international risk-based methodology in assurance services and renders international tax and foreign investor hand-holding. This enables the firm to keep pace with contemporary technical developments and to meet the needs of its clients. KS Aiyar & Co. provides professional services to a large number of reputed companies.

KS Aiyar & Co. also provides US GAAP Restatement Services for Indian corporates. KS Aiyar & Co. regularly provides advisory services o­n Foreign Exchange related areas and Legal Advisory Services besides undertaking certification of foreign exchange remittances, royalty payments, commission income from foreign principals, export earnings etc.KS Aiyar & Co.’s past audit clients include large public sector corporations.

Guidelines o­n delegation of authority for diverse profit centres

System designing and documentation

Conceptual framework for computerised costing system

Risk Management and Compliance for the Securities Industry

Operational and Management Audits

Year 2000 Consultancy

KS Aiyar & Co.’s high quality of services is the outcome of hands-on involvement of seniors in all important tasks, regular internal reviews, respect for client’s knowledge, skills and feedback, preparedness to respond to client queries outside the formally defined scope of work and partners’ contacts at the top level.

KS Aiyar & Co. carries a claim-free record for many decades under Professional Indemnity Insurance.

KS Aiyar & Co. is committed to excellence in professional service, education and training, fully attuned to the evolving needs of the commercial & student community and offered through a premier institution growing with the times and inspiring recognition and respect..

KS Aiyar & Co.’s Tax Consultancy Division offers a wide range of services in Tax Consultancy and Tax Management in the field of direct tax laws. Relevant details are set out separately.KS Aiyar & Co. provides comprehensive legal services through a reputed firm of legal consultants with an international affiliation in order to render a comprehensive service to its clients specially those expanding into global operations. The details are set out in a detailed statement of services.

KS Aiyar & Co. maintains qualified, well trained and highly experienced staff. A very selective recruitment process and substantial investment in training ensures that expert knowledge is supplemented by specialist knowledge in o­ne or more areas and is broadened into general management skills required for services in the business environment. The Firm employs evaluation methods for staff performance, and increments and promotions are made based o­n proven evaluation methods.

KS Aiyar & Co.’s experience base which supports KS Aiyar & Co.’s services is highlighted in the select set of resumes given separately. The average age of the partners of the Firm is under forty years – and of the Firm as a whole, around thirty. A full list of the dynamic and highly motivated professional manpower can be provided o­n request. The firm also proudly claims having trained several professionals who have excelled in different fields, some of whom have been partners of the Firm in the past.

KS Aiyar & Co. has provided professional services to a wide spectrum of institutions in the field of Banking, Finance, Insurance and Regulatory Bodies.Decades long association with a large number of clients selectively listed in an annexure detailing the Services constitute the firm’s credentials. Engagements for the above clients include audit & assurance services, due diligence reviews, investigations, and certification of financial statements for domestic and interna-tional use.