Our CSR Initiatives

KS Aiyar & Co is committed to CSR activities which include supporting education activities for underprivileged school going children; skill set development of villagers, promotion of art of local and upcoming artists. The Firm also displays and houses paintings to show case the local art and support its sales for the above and many more CSR activities.

Brief details of each activity is listed here-under:

K. S. Aiyar Foundation
KSA-Budget 2017

K S Aiyar Foundation is a not-for-profit Private Company, dedicated to the vision of Late Sri Kalayan  Subramania Aiyar, who is recognised as Father of Accountancy in India.

Some of the objectives of the Foundation are – to be an organisation for catalysing the spread of knowledge, to promote establishment of pre-schools, schools and colleges, to grand scholarships, prizes, awards, to disseminate knowledge for development of human beings, to advocate cultural and spiritual understanding, to provide platform by bringing the underprivileged from rural setting to the main stream.


Sevachild India Foundation is a joint venture of KS Aiyar & Co with Sevachild USA.

The activities of Sevachild India are   Saving young lives in India addressing Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder (VADD) which is a devastating disease affecting millions of India’s undernourished infants and children. Building scalable distribution channels, SevaChild has developed a vitamin  distribution network of humanitarian organizations located in 16 of India’s 29 states.  SevaChild connects sponsors with rural village children living below the poverty line.

3D Art Gallery

KS Aiyar & Co’s premises at Mumbai serve as an Art Gallery for the display of paintings by artists. The gallery operates with a noble cause of promoting new and upcoming artists, village artists who are given a display platform of their art and paintings for sale.

The paintings make excellent gifts for personal occasions, appreciation awards and festival celebrations.


KS Aiyar & Co actively supports Hridayaangan an NGO working on village development programs.

Aangan, that empty space right outside your house. The one you make your own; with flowers, trees, swings, occasions, celebrations, and memories. There is a space just like that, in your heart too.

Hridayangaan, touches your heart through our activities and seek support to our various activities and initiatives, which village up liftment, skill set development, local craft encouragement and development, medical care and attention to name a few.

We also do Audits...